You Know I Would

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Judul : You Know I Would
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You Know I Would

i found you at a low point in your life
i helped you up, i showed you a new light
you took my hand, then i let you go
i thought that you were strong enough
to be on your own

you told me you weren't okay
i didn't hear from you at all after that
i should've been there
but you and i know we can't change the past

but if i could, i'd go back to that moment
right after you slipped away
i'd ask "were you thinking of everyone else
when you pulled that goddamn trigger?"

i know your life seemed terrible
but did you think those cans and bottles
and that casing would safe you?

it seems like forever since i've seen you
and it's only been a week since you left

i can't wait to see you again
i know it'll be a while
cause i have to live for you and i
until i die

and if i could, i'd go back to that moment
right after you slipped away
i'd ask "were you even thinking
when you pulled that fucking trigger?"

i know i'm angry, i know i'm sad
but i know that this will pass
i know you weren't thinking of the pain

you'd leave behind

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