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Judul : Hands
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you forged us
from your hands
plucked us from soil
and showed us where to go

until blood
poured from veins
of tired arms
that held onto your truth

boiled down to lies
in a pot with fire
fueled by embers

caught you
off guard

a state of decay
the wind shifts this way
and we have no choice but to
follow without complaint
your thoughts weigh down
so you just stay in place

on our own
often i find out
that life is simple
yet we make it what it is

it's not that hard
once you come to grips
with the one
you want to be

it ain't that i don't care
i just needed air
from the noose 
you placed on me

confessions are worthless
caught in a bad slip
i knew what i wanted
was what you wanted for me

leave me to my devices
i can't do this with you
pressing on my shoulders

or my bones will crack
and we both will crash to the soil

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