Curbs and Relationships

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Judul : Curbs and Relationships
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Curbs and Relationships

wasted, we stared at the endless ceiling
as we stumbled under streetlights
it was no surprise when you kissed the curb goodnight

lights flashed, you awoke in the hospital
wondering how it was that you ended up there
and i laughed and said, "well, you gave me quite a scare"

i vowed to take you back there next year
the anniversary of your head's relationship to the curb
and i swore to myself i wouldn't let you fall again

we were much less sober

patience and time had allowed me to hold your hand
they fixed the sidewalk so that even 
the clumsiest or drunkest of people wouldn't fall

i didn't get a good enough story out of that memory
but i remember it because you were there
even if the memory meets some fog in my mind
i'll remember it happening because you were there

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